Table of Content: LED Screens and Digital Signage Magazine in 2017

Musical “Anna Karenina” LED decoration


Virtual reality on the stage

The art of theater in the early 21st century it trying to enter the brave new world by active experimentation, attempting to adapt classical theater to modern requirements.

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Infoforum China 2017


Infoforum China 2017

It is on such platforms as Infoforum that new concepts are born capable to unite countries within Eurasian space, develop commerce and trade, transport infrastructure, attract investments and revitalize money flows.

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Julian Assange: World’s First Internet War


Digital screens and revolutions

It turned out that the digital advertising media is outside the control of the Spanish Government. The supporters of Catalonian independence used digital resources to display information and slogans banned by the central Government.

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Hacked Cardiff City digital billboard


Cyberattacks and cybersecurity

One of the most dangerous cyberattacks happened in Texas in April 2017. Hackers managed to breach the entire public warning system. This resulted in an hour-and-a-half of nearly 200 blaring sirens in Dallas meant to sound the alarm for danger.

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Samsung Smart Digital Signage


Smart Digital Signage and Screens

We live at a time when people need speed and fast data analysis. Increase in response time from the equipment is only possible when the digital equipment is sufficiently smart and all processes are automated.

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LED Screen EMI


LED Screen Electromagnetic Interference and FCC

The US company Watchfire Signs petitioned the government agencies asking to prohibit using imported LED screens because the level of their electromagnetic interference negatively affects operation of other electronic devices.

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LG OLED Wallpaper Display


LED Screens vs LCD Video Walls

As large carriers of video data LCD video walls appeared at the same time as LED screens. Initially, video walls showed all the evidences of winning in the commercial battle with LED screens over the indoor public space.

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Smart Airport


Digital Displays for “Smart” Airports

Airport as a place where passengers and their friends have to spend long hours waiting have long turned from transport into informational hubs. As a result, the term “smart” airport is more than applicable to these places.

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Las Vegas


Pilgrimage to the LED Screen Mecca

No matter how many large, beautiful and attractive LED screens you see at various famous world destination points, this will still be a pale imitation of what you will encounter during a walk down the Las Vegas Boulevard (Strip).

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M-shine creative and unusually-shaped LED screens at ISLE 2017


The International Exhibition ISLE 2017 (Guangzhou, China)

The International Exhibition of smart and LED signage (ISLE) is an important annual event. In Guangzhou you will see an excellent exhibition complex, enormous exhibition halls, the multitude of visitors and friendly service.

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Wearable Devices


Wearable Technology

It is the strangest thing to an outside observer, watching another person wearing a visor which completely covers their eyes and with one hand, wearing a strange and bulky glove as they wave their arm around making purposeful gestures.

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Forrest Media 10 mm LED screen by Daktronics


The Expected Trends in DOOH in 2017

Outdoor screens and digital signage are gradually emerging as a new active form of the communication platform that is eagerly embracing new functions and applications. As a result, their importance and social usefulness is growing.

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