Table of Content: LED Screens and Digital Signage Magazine in 2002

Giant outdoor electronic screen in Paris


Giant outdoor electronic screen in Paris

A well-known German group of computer enthusiasts and programmers developed a way to light up the windows of French National Library with total area of 3370 square meters in a manner of a huge screen. A specialized algorithm will make library windows light up and down as pixels on an electronic screen.

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Giant outdoor LED screen


The changing tendencies in outdoor advertizing screen industry

Manufacturing of outdoor advertizing screens remains relatively young industry. A desire to take a large TV and install it in the street goes back to the 1970s. As it frequently happens, the idea was first formulated in the USA and was immediately implemented there.

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The famous Russian producer Eldar Ryazanov


TV gets out of the “box”

TV wants to get out of the “box”, fill the streets and squares of our defenseless cities, accompany viewers from home to work and back. In its absurdly futuristic perfection this idea was already implemented by George Orwell in “1984”. The screens there accompany people everywhere.

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Huge outdoor advertising LED screens-twins in Moscow


New outdoor advertising LED screens in Moscow

The family of Moscow outdoor screens is growing fast. Bright and cheerful outdoor advertizing LED screens are now installed in Pushkin and Kudrinskaya squares of Moscow. Two huge LED screens-twins have been commissioned on the New Arbat, the main street of Moscow.

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Large outdoor advertizing LED screen


Outdoor advertizing LED screens in China

To present a more comprehensive picture we sent our reporters to China and other South Pacific countries to study the outdoor advertising market and electronic outdoor advertising media in this region.

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Large LED screen at the façade of ABC TV Studio


Large advertizing LED screens in New York

New York has very strict rules for outdoor advertising: it is not allowed anywhere except Times Square. But on this Square the density of advertizing screens is the largest in the world. I have counted 17! But photos speak better than words.

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Large LED advertizing screen in Moscow


Everyday miracles: Advanced electronic screens made affordable!

The first ever upgrade of an outdoor screen from lamp into LED technology was performed. The technology and procedures have been developed by the Russian engineering team and can be ranked as the state-of-the-art feat in the area of large outdoor screens.

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Advertizing LED screen by “ATV Outdoor Systems”


Who needs large electronic screens? Or advertising time is money!

We live in a consumer haven. But how can one buy an electronic screen for outdoor advertizing? Where to start? As any serious business, installation of an electronic screen requires significant investments. Who would want to invest in a screen?

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Outdoor advertizing screen network in Russia


Outdoor advertizing screen networks: Catching in the nets!

The network principle has triumphed! A network of hotels, a network of boutiques, a network of drugstores etc. It is clear that the tendency to increase, expand and link together could not miss the financially most lucrative area of advertising: outdoor advertising.

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Huge digital screen and display in Utah Olympic Park


Olympics digital screens: Bigger, better, brighter!

Everyone likes the Olympic Games! Olympics have long become a well-promoted trade brand that sells practically everything: from sports goods to toothpaste. Not surprisingly, all National Olympic Committees are competing harder than athletes for the right to host the Games.

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