Outdoor advertizing LED screens in China

Chief editor - Vladimir Krylov
Deputy chief editor - Michael Nikulichev

We have repeatedly written about trends and developments in the area of outdoor TV and video on large LED screens in different countries around the world. To present a more comprehensive picture we sent our reporters to China and other South Pacific countries to study the outdoor advertising market and electronic outdoor advertising media in this region.

We started in Hong-Kong. The city-state is as amazing and inspiring as ever. Spread over several islands and linked by modern highways and tunnels, the city is a jewel of modernism and urban development.

Electronics is the buzz-word: even the metro (Mass Rapid Transit - MRT) is filled with electronic signs that are most helpful to weary travelers. Colored LEDs over each exit door indicate the direction, the distance traveled, the next scheduled stop, etc. Practically each train is equipped with plasma TVs or electronic signs that show advertising commercials or valuable traveling information. The large LED electronic screens are all over the city. They are located on large department stores or trading complexes, and in the streets and squares.

These large LED screens are actively used by local advertising agencies to run non-stop commercials. Moreover, during the recent World Cup and other important sport events these systems turn into virtual stadiums and gather crowds of eager spectators. With dozens of such outdoor LED screens spread around the city, the crowds generally are equally dispersed – that is more convenient for the spectators and city authorities.

There are plenty of electronic LED screens in smaller towns with population not exceeding 200,000 people. Below is a kaleidoscope of various electronic screens that we managed to find. The area of outdoor advertizing electronic LED screens is a young and fast developing market. Hardly a year passes without some new ideas implemented, new conceptual models developed. We have witnessed a few interesting LED screen outdoor advertizing systems worth mentioning.

Large outdoor advertizing LED screen Large outdoor advertizing LED screen
Large outdoor advertizing LED screens

First of all, we want to introduce one of the largest Chinese LED screen manufacturers “Optotech”. The company manufactures a large number of model, their LED screens can be seen in many countries of the world. They specialize in sport applications. However, a model which seemed to us most interesting and innovating was an SMD LED screen for indoor use.

The company diversifies its market strategy and actively invades the outdoor advertising area. Today it possesses an advertising network of over 20 LED screens in various cities around the world.

Another company which we decided to single out of the multitude of large LED screen manufacturers is “Agontech”. The company managed to combine two technologies currently used for LED screen outdoor advertising. In daytime their screens turn into a huge banner, but at nighttime they transform into a large and bright video screen.

Moreover, “Agontech” engineers managed to develop an LED module which is very light and easy to handle. We decided to comment on this aspect because traditionally manufacturers make their LED modules too large and heavy: replacing them and repairing them is not an easy task.

Large LED screen for outdoor advertizing Large LED screen for outdoor advertizing
Large LED screens for outdoor advertizing

Another, interesting solution in the area of electronic advertising – 360° LED screen we observed at “Dynascan”.

While in Hong-Kong, we tried to meet with the company “Lighthouse”, another large LED screen manufacturer. However, the company representatives were most unfriendly and doggy. For various reasons nobody in the company found time to meet with us and even refused to answer some general questions on the telephone. Very strange response from large LED screen manufacturing company, to say the least.

Out-of-home advertizing large LED screen Out-of-home advertizing large LED screen
Out-of-home advertizing large LED screens

In general, there are dozens of companies that manufacture large electronic LED screens. However the majority are just reselling LED screens of established manufacturers. Surprisingly, we encountered a strange linguistic problem. Quite a few people in this business talk about electronic LED screens but mean just informational signs or displays.

In general, we realized once again that the most effective in outdoor advertizing business are LED screens with large linear dimensions. This tendency is evident in all cities that we have visited, in China and elsewhere.