Table of Content: LED Screens and Digital Signage Magazine in 2003



LEDs are still popular and improving after all these years: Part 3

There are essentially two technologies for generating white light from LEDs. One way is to mount a red die, a green die, and a blue die very close together within a package, and mix the light outputs in the correct proportions to achieve white light.

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LEDs are still popular and improving after all these years: Part 2

The electrical behavior of LEDs is similar to other semiconductor diodes. The forward voltage is higher, and is different for the different materials used for different colors. The forward voltage rises with current, and falls with temperature by about 2mV/°C.

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LEDs are still popular and improving after all these years: Part 1

This article discusses a 35-year-old display technology that itself has rapidly changed - the LED. This overview covers the origins of LEDs, the traditional applications, and how improvements in the technology have stimulated new applications.

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LED video banners


Full color LED video banners: LED perimeter displays

Lately, full color LED video screens found one more application. They are now used not only as screens but also as full color LED video banners in stadiums and sport facilities. Static banners are practically useless since sport fans pay them little or no attention.

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LED signs and billboards in modern city advertising


Assault on market: Super bright LED billboards and signs

If the informational articles of our magazine have not yet convinced you what bright future is ahead of LED billboards and video technologies, we want to offer you an interesting material devoted to current tendencies in the area of outdoor advertising and some forecasts of its development.

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LED scoreboard display of Yankee Stadium


Sport scoreboards: From simplicity to sophistication

There's no question in the digital age for sport stadiums that LED scoreboards are an integral part of a stadium presentation. It's the first thing fans see when they enter the seating area and it’s those LED scoreboards that helps them remember the memorable moments of sporting events.

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CCDL IC driver chip for LED screen


Unseen "driving" force: IC drivers for LED screens

The world is full of companies producing full-color LED screens. However only a handful of companies is really involved in developing new systems, improving image quality and designing new models. The majority of manufacturers are satisfied by cloning and reselling the existing LED screens.

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LED display board


Out of streets to factory shops: LED display boards

LED display boards are changing the relationship between plant workers and the manufacturing process by creating smarter workers. As these LED display boards output their content, they are providing a continuous report on factory conditions, the data coming from automatic sensors.

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