Table of Content: LED Screens and Digital Signage Magazine in 2010

CBS Outdoor giant digital LED billboard in the San Francisco Bay area


Switching static structures to digital LED billboard

As outdoor advertising companies introduce or expand their LED billboard inventories. However, where do you place LED billboards when print billboards already occupy the best placement? This article shows how to transform static billboards to handle their LED billboard counterparts.

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Advertising display in New York at subway entrance


Underground Outdoor: Advertising displays in metro

For a long time metro resisted advances of digital advertising. Underground platforms were decorated with small and large posters. In an attempt to increase advertising revenue even entire trains are sometimes wrapped in advertising posters turning the train into a gigantic advertising billboard.

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Touchpad advertizing screen in a New York taxi cab


Digital taxi

The cab with touchpad screen turns into a mobile media complex where passengers may look through offered advertising clips and informational resources, especially while waiting in insufferable traffic jams. There is a saying that “a good story cuts the long trip by half” or something to that effect.

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Hacker's content on Los Angeles outdoor LED screen


Hackers' attacks on large LED screens, roadside informational displays and screen networks

Illegal access to advertising screen networks, substituting content – all this is can be qualified as an offence. But this is an offence that guarantees wide public attention and media coverage. In this respect hacker attacks maybe compared to a litmus test on efficiency and popularity.

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LED billboard by Clear Channel Outdoor at Times Square


Outdoor LED billboards and fight against terror

One indication that this new mass media has serious influence on people is that LED billboards are becoming a constant source of information about wanted criminals and terrorists. This new application of LED billboards was initiated by the largest US outdoor LED billboard operators.

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LED TVs vs LED lamps


LED TVs vs LED lamps

Most developed countries have introduced programs of phasing out conventional lighting using incandescent lamps ineffective in terms of power consumption. Fluorescent lamps will soon follow the suit and lose the marketplace to LED lamps.

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Informational and advertising LCD display in metro


Displays in digital transport advertising

Advertising in transport started as unassuming stickers on the doors and windows of busses and metro carriages. Quite soon digital advertising enters the field: advertising LED signs and LCD displays. This approach is more professional, based on high-tech solutions, requires large investment.

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Typical Accuweather templates for a local television weather report


The care and feeding of digital displays

The science of planning and placing content is also an art form, and the care and feeding of digital displays is a complex dance of defining who your audience is, what you want to tell them, and how to tell them your messages in the limited amount of time.

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LED billboard in Murom


Small cities LED billboards

A network of LED screens in a small city is a noticeable event. Few people outside of Russia would ever hear the names of the following cities: Dimitrovgrad, Murom and Serov, each boasting a population of about 100 thousand. However, even these small cities hurried to set up their own LED screens networks.

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LED video cube


The Sign China and LED China 2010 Exhibitions in Guangzhou

Driven by the crowd we also found ourselves at the Exhibition: this one was dedicated to LEDs and digital advertising. Previously, the most visible event in the sphere was conducted in Taipei, but China drew its visitors away to Hong-Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai.

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Ring-shaped LED screen in “The Dream City” in Macau


LED casinos

Casinos fully embraced LED technologies; LED screens became practically an indispensable feature of the sinful world of gambling and big bucks. Public always was weary of casinos: not surprisingly US authorities exiled casinos to special zones far from populated cities.

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The indecent video clip on an outdoor screen in Moscow


The Weak Link: Hacker’s attack on Moscow LED screens

In the evening of January 14, 2010, two huge outdoor LED screens overlooking the Moscow’s major avenue, the Garden Ring, were playing pornographic clips for nearly half an hour causing a great amusement among drivers and passenger and great indignation among the city authorities.

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