Table of Content: LED Screens and Digital Signage Magazine in 2008

Nokia Theater


Marquee magic: Marquees become a window to stage and screen!

As the theater marquee is evolving into its electronic display counterpart, it presents a visual range including horizontal text message displays, full color graphic display and even high definition video screens.

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Large rental LED screen assembled for the concert show on stage


Rental LED screens

Large LED screens are heavy products, they were initially designed to be stationary. However, the moment LED screen became full-color, profit-oriented advertisers decided to use them during short events like shows, concerts, exhibitions, political rallies and such.

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The construction of the Olympic Rings


Starring at the Olympics: LEDs at their best

The 2008 Beijing Olympics has many nicknames: “The Green Olympics”, even “Hi-Tech Olympics”. The organizers did their best to add some real content to journalistic clichés. But any modern construction must somehow utilize the LED technological advantages.

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Huge LED screen in Beijing


In search for Seven LED Wonders of the World

Since the search for Seven Wonders of the World is a legitimate endeavor, our magazine decided to determine the Seven Wonders of the World in the area of LED applications. This may not be easy, since this high-tech area is changing fast and new wonders appear almost on a daily basis.

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CityVision LED video screen network


Networks of LED video screens in modern cities

The digital nature of LED screens made the idea of outdoor networks obvious. Centralized control, effective coverage of OOH audience – these advantages allowed LED screens to compete with traditional static advertising. One of the first patents in the area of networks of outdoor TV appeared in Russia.

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Unique LED screen by Barco for the world tour of George Michael


LED screens of unusual shapes

The architects, designers and other specialists in urban planning have long realized the potential of huge LED structures. New architectural concepts were born and the industry came up with innovative solutions – the race for unique and unusual LED screen shapes was officially on.

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LED media façade The Grand Lisboa hotel and casino in Macau


Media Façade World Tour!

The creation of a media façade on a building allows the building to come alive with imaging and lighting, which changes how it relates to its surrounding cityscape. This is a development of corporate branding and corporate identity programs, creating its highest and most visible presence.

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The ABC Times Square Studios’ LED video display


Good Morning, Times Square!

Nine, curvilinear, horizontal, LED video ribbons undulate around the facade’s front. Home to ABC’s Good Morning America, the building presents what seems to be a gigantic TV screen that displays network news and upcoming program and entertainment previews.

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The glass-covered video LED screen on the façade of the commercial center


Japan and LED screens

Starting from the 1970s, Japan steadily holds the second place in the world in gross national product, remains a powerful financial center, and the leader in high-tech industry. For many years Japan has been setting up an example of quality and workmanship in many high-tech areas.

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LED screens project by Daktronics


Media façades, part 2

Media facade projects became possible due to close cooperation of numerous architect and designer groups, specializing in city landscape decoration and urban lighting design as well as due to appearance of new technological breakthroughs in the hi-tech area of LEDs.

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LED modules location in media façades


Media façades, part 1

We shall continue our review of media façade projects, attract our reader's attention to the main events of 2008, 2007 and 2006, try verbalizing main tendencies, and providing information about some interesting and successful projects known to the editorial board.

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Vladimir Krylov - Chief Editor, LED Screens magazine


Vladimir Krylov: To Be a Country of Intellectual Resources

The article offered to you is a reprint from the Boss magazine, a Russian monthly edition that writes about people with noteworthy contribution to the Russian economy. Vladimir Krylov, Chief Editor, gave an interview on current tendencies in the hi-tech field of nanotechnology.

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