Table of Content: LED Screens and Digital Signage Magazine in 2018

LA Staples Center SNA LED Screen


A Glimpse into the Future of the LED Screen Market

Market overview of LED outdoor displays is a typical task: such a review should be devoted to analyzing the factors of market growth or decline, to major trends, regional factors, as well as forecasts for the next few years.

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Digital Sport


Digital Sport

Not only physicians and scientists, but also engineers are involved in the fight for high results. Technology and science allow athletes to set new records. How much further will science be able to push the limits of sporting achievement?

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Singapore is a smart state


From smart devices to smart states: Singapore

Singapore is the first in the list of “effective modern cities”. What makes Singapore the “smartest” capital of the world? The answer is simple: the highest level of digitalization in terms of mobility, communication, and security.

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Facial Recognition Center


State of Surveillance

In our modern age mass surveillance is becoming commonplace. Governments and local police are increasingly using innovative methods of audio and video cameras and other clandestine equipment to track criminal activities.

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Hacked Smart House


"Smart" House: Under the Threat of Hackers

Hackers can easily access the information system at home to find out whether the owners are at home or not, to knock down the settings of "smart" house appliances, remotely activate electric drives for locking doors and windows.

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EMI and LED Screen


LED Screens and Electromagnetic Interference

The Federal Communications Commission of the USA stated about truly draconian measures to manufacturers of LED screens: fines from 15 to 60 thousand dollars for each installed screen with radiation exceeding.

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Cyberwarfare: Innocent Victims

“Smart” infrastructure systems turn out to be not so smart, they do not withstand ongoing hacker attacks. They are vulnerable to ever more sophisticated intruders.

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RSA Conference San-Francisco 2018


RSA Conference 2018: Problems and Awareness

The most authoritative platforms for cyber safety discussions, of course, are organized around Silicon Valley. A striking example is the April RSA business conference, the twenty-seventh in a row.

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Smart City global exchange


Smart Cities: Fashionable and Profitable

Participants of numerous conferences and round tables on “smart city” concept eagerly talk of impressive achievements and tremendous future potential but are unwilling to admit the inevitable problems inherent to digital technology.

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ISE 2018


ISE 2018: Brief Overview

Predictably, the industry giants bring to the Exhibition something to excite and amaze. The technologies on display are the newest, most modern and even futuristic. The pixel pitch on LED screens continues to shrink, getting closer and closer to TV screen density.

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Cryptocurrencies with their ability to store all conducted transactions allow working with Big Data in real time, conduct cognitive calculations and utilize more flexible and effective algorithms for emission and control.

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Digital Screens in Hotel Lobby


Digital Hotel

Digital applications are spreading throughout hotels. We can see digital screens of all sorts from the lobby and the conference center to rooms. The screens are informing hotel guests and drawing them into the real hotel environments and virtual reality.

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