Table of Content: LED Screens and Digital Signage Magazine in 2015

The winner of the Great Christmas Light Fight 2014


The Great Christmas Light Fight

For several years ABC TV channel offers viewers an exciting show “The Great Christmas Light Fight”. We can watch how different American families decorate their houses for Christmas and change them transforming reality into a fairy-tale.

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Internet of Things (IoT)


Internet-of-Things (IoT): Bright Future for Smart Gadgets

The sphere of “IoT” is growing at a head-breaking pace. In fact, everything related to digital technology is growing fast. Organized into networks, the intellectual physical systems acquire the ability to synchronize and communicate with each other.

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LED screens on Times Square in New York


Times Square: American McDonald’s of LED technology

Today Times Square in New York is decorated out of all proportion by LED screens of all shapes and types. Each major manufacturer of LED screens aspires to install their screens on this place because this is the best promotion and self-advertising in the world.

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Two LED screens by Outdoor Plus in London at Henlys Corner


Forecast for the Future: or Advertising Business Swimming Against the Current

The world of digital advertising has drastically changed: the quality of relatively cheap LED screens has significantly improved; numerous functional applications of high resolution screens are making them the advertising carrier of choice.

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Dundas Square LED screens in Toronto


Digital screens and modern life

Digital screens – both large LED screens and more handy and common LCD displays of various sizes – have become a constant feature of our daily lives and outdoor environment. Digital advertising is a serious business and it must be profitable and self-promoting.

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Digital signage with sound in shopping mall


Sound and Digital Advertising

It was proved that sound is a powerful tool for digital networks. Studies conducted across various market segments prove that sound helps spur retail sales compared to digital boards without sound capability.

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The future of the digital OOH advertising


Brave New Reality of Digital Advertising

Up to one third of all advertising slots sold in the Internet never reach users’ eyes. The Interactive Advertising Bureau in the USA believes that 30-35% of Internet advertising is fraudulent, the advertisers receive doctored reports on their ads visibility to consumers.

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Youtube on tablet


Digital Video Fights for Consumers

Today, the young generation of consumers refuses to keep loyalty to TV and prefer other devices and gadgets to search for information and derive pleasure. To grab hold of consumers, media companies must come up with new ways to present content.

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NASDAQ media façade in New York


Media Façades Conquer Cities

Media façade on the wall of the New York NASDAQ Stock Exchange opened the area of LED and digital technology for the whole world. In 1990s nobody could compete with that “monster”-installation, so the period of smaller LED screens followed.

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VTeam with its LED screen


Chinese Tendencies: The Exhibition “Intelligent Signs & LED”, Guangzhou 2015

To buy LED screens from a well-known and reputable company is more expensive but probably more reliable. At least people tend to think so. Though there are many examples of bad quality installations by good companies – “Chinese roulette”.

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Interactive advertising display in shopping mall


Digital advertising market and forecasts

Digital advertising technology matures, new methods of displaying advertising content to the audience appear regularly. One factor is lagging behind, though: reporting and analytics. The absence of proven analysis of ROI is a major limitation for industry development.

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Smart city


Smart Digital Cities

As digital technologies are spreading all over the planet, new concepts, new products and new professions appear almost on a daily basis. Cities become the testing ground for all digital novelties and turn increasingly intelligent and smart.

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