Table of Content: LED Screens and Digital Signage Magazine in 2000

Huge outdoor advertizing screen


Factors that determine ROI from “Outdoor Video and TV” advertizing systems

The basic aim in developing “Outdoor Video and TV” systems was to convey information to viewers with maximum effectiveness and using the latest digital computer technologies.

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Outdoor advertising screen in Brazil


Brazil, a country of contrasts… and advanced technologies in outdoor advertising

However, Brazil is a country that not only strives to implement all the latest and newest technologies but does it in a rational way, at least as far as the outdoor advertising screens are concerned.

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Three indoor LED screens at hockey stadium in Podolsk


More of large electronic screens: The quality is better

Our magazine pays much attention to the latest developments in outdoor electronic screen technology. It is therefore pleasant to report that Russia is capable of offering advanced hi-tech solutions in spite of the current economic crisis.

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Large electronic display at Olympic Games in Sydney


Large electronic displays at Olympic 2000

Electronic displays are gradually becoming part of city life, ever-present part of city landscape. Almost every new trend begins with a false start: only a few years ago electronic displays were a novelty, expensive toys. Now they are in fashion, a hot topic in outdoor advertising.

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Large outdoor LED screen in Kiev


Large outdoor LED screen in Kiev

The installation of such large outdoor LED screen in Kiev confirms the existing tendency to place large advertising screens in towns in spite of their high price. Outdoor screens provide additional and much needed informational and advertising resources to city authorities.

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Large electronic screen in digital outdoor advertising


Digital outdoor advertising for transnational companies

We are talking about using large electronic screens (displays) instead of neon installations: digital outdoor advertising. Naturally, electronic outdoor screen networks are ideal for digital advertising campaigns and start replacing old neon versions.

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Giant outdoor screen: Big Brother is watching you


Electronic screens: New media or electronic reality

Electronic screens are more effective than all other types of outdoor static advertising. They gradually spread throughout the world and throw bright commercial offers in our faces. You cannot miss them; dynamic bright animation hypnotizes and attracts our attention.

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Lamp screen in outdoor advertising


Neon, lamps, LEDs: The past and the present in outdoor advertising

This article discusses modern technology and approaches to illumination of cities, separate city districts and individual houses as well as the latest tendencies in outdoor advertising. As we have already written, the explosive spread of neon signs in North America occurred in 1960s-80s.

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Giant advertising LED screen in Moscow


Electronic outdoor screens as part of modern city media architecture

It is not the city or its citizens who pay for the bright advertising lights but advertisers who are interested in selling through attracting people to the sites. Moreover, outdoor electronic screens are a modern mass media that provides not only advertising but social information to citizens.

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Large outdoor advertising LED screen in Moscow


Trends and developments in the “Outdoor Video and TV” informational and advertising systems

The recent decade has witnessed the explosive development of those technological areas directly or indirectly related with spreading information or advertising among large masses of people. Such areas include “traditional” TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, and large outdoor screens.

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Outdoor advertising LED screen


Why is it preferable to choose large scale screen?

The main task of a large outdoor screen is to offer dynamic visual information for the maximum number of viewers. According to modern psychological studies, it is exactly the type of information that the human brain can absorb in unlimited quantities.

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Large outdoor electronic screens in “Outdoor Video and TV” project


The latest informational and outdoor advertising technology

On 2 June 2000, the presentation of “Outdoor TV and Video” project: “The latest informational and outdoor advertising technology” was held at the R&D Institute of Informational Technologies, member of the National Council for the Economic Cooperation with Latin American Countries.

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Outdoor advertising in New York


Electronic screens in outdoor advertising or New York, New York

There are two places on the Earth, attracting views of all advertisement agents: New York and Tokyo. And if reportage about Tokyo's outdoor advertising electronic screens has already been published, second cultural place was Terra incognita…

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Large outdoor advertising lamp screen in Yekaterinburg (Russia)


“Outdoor Video” systems: News and views

Spring 2000 marks new and important developments in the area of large outdoor screens. In February-March 2000, a large outdoor screen with 9.14x12.16 m image dimensions and 120x160 pixel resolution was installed in Yekaterinburg. So far this is one of the largest screens in Europe.

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Giant outdoor advertising screen


How else can you advertise your Internet resource in real world?

And the more people use the Internet, the greater interest it represents as new mass media for business, advertising and politics. The usage of the outdoor screens for advertising Internet resources is one of the most successful solutions from the point of view of the prices and effectiveness.

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