More of large electronic screens: The quality is better

Chief editor - Vladimir Krylov

Our magazine pays much attention to the latest developments in outdoor electronic screen technology. It is therefore pleasant to report that Russia is capable of offering advanced hi-tech solutions in spite of the current economic crisis.

New large indoor electronic LED screens

Three indoor LED screens at hockey stadium in Podolsk Three indoor LED screens at hockey stadium in Podolsk

Podolsk is a little town not far from Moscow. In a newly constructed hockey stadium there, the owners installed three very good LED screens close in characteristics.

The electronic screens completely changed the appearance of the stadium and became the major attraction for fans. The visitors can now relive all the essential moments of the game during breaks and intermissions. The trainers and coaches find the novelty useful, too. During the breaks they watch the re-run of essential moments and change their game strategy accordingly right during the game.

The stadium had to pay dearly for the new toy. However, the owners quickly understood that this was a very clever investment. The stadium that used to stay almost empty is now overcrowded most of the time, with people coming from nearby towns, including Moscow. People start coming well in advance of the game: they sit, eat popcorn, drink cola and watch concert clips that are displayed on the screens. The indoor LED screens are produced by two companies from Yoshkar-Ola, Russia: Nata-Info and Araneus. So far these are one of the best indoor LED screens in Russia.

New mobile LED screens

Mobile LED screen by Russian company “Nata-Info” Mobile LED screen by Russian company “Nata-Info”

Russian company Nata-Info has also manufactured large LED mobile screen. The quality of it is very high. The LED screen has the following characteristics: Linear sizes – 5.5x4,0 m, resolution - 112x96 pixels and full color.

Unfortunately, this LED mobile screen has not an ability of “24/7” working mode. Besides this, it could not be broadcasting “live” video. So it is a good system to provide concerts.

Upgrade of outdoor electronic screen in Russia

Outdoor electronic screen in Ekaterinburg after upgrade Outdoor electronic screen in Ekaterinburg after upgrade

On October 20-23, 2000, our technical team conducted the upgrade of electronic and optical systems of the working large outdoor screen, the first such upgrade in the world. The operation was extremely successful. After the upgrade has been finished the screen brightness was raised very much and the colors were better. The actual results of this feat are hard to overestimate:

  • company engineers managed to identify a new approach that allows to significantly improve qualitative parameters (brightness, contrast) without increasing energy consumption;
  • new technological approach allows advertisers to invest in well-tested systems (rather than latest fads that are untried and always very expensive) and keep abreast with the fast development of technology by ordering upgrades at a fraction of the screen cost.