Table of Content: LED Screens and Digital Signage Magazine in 2006

Magink - full color reflective digital ink display


Smart billboards attack!

New carrier is rushing into huge industry of outdoor advertising. Nobody still clearly understands how it works but everybody who is involved in the industry heard about new carrier. There is even no common name for the new carrier.

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STALKSHOW on Pushkinskaya square in Moscow


“OUTVIDEO” festival: Penetration of video art into LED screen network

We would like to say more about OUTVIDEO festival which was broadcasted on LED screens of CityVision network in June-July 2006. The proof for it is a co-operation of “OUTVIDEO” festival and “CityVision”, the biggest in Russia network of outdoor screens.

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Magic-sized quantum dots in a glass flow tube produce white light


The end of light bulb era: Here go LED bulbs, tables, walls and forks

Electronic walls and ceilings with interchangeable LED panels would allow you to change room lighting at a whim, in a new design proposed today. The modular LED panels snap in and out of an electrical grid so light fixtures can be moved anywhere.

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Dynamic digital signage


Dynamic digital signage: The new age of advertising

Advertising on digital signage displays in supermarkets is a fundamentally new advertising service which permits to establish contact with buyers or clients, ensuring high coverage of target audience, effective advertising and positive feedback to the promoted brands.

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LED letters


Overview exhibitions in Las Vegas, Moscow and Shanghai

It is clear that the most outstanding events occur in the countries, where either the advertising and entertainment market is well developed, for example, in the USA or the countries, which lead in the manufacturing of this kind of goods.

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Urban LED screen


Urban Screens 2005: How public spaces are integrating art and culture via LED screens

Large LED screens have been integrated into such public spaces as city parks, pedestrian malls, town squares, shopping malls, where displays are specifically dedicated for such non-commercial purposes as art, education or entertainment.

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Advertising outdoor LED screen


Outdoor LED screen business: A network of success

A network of outdoor LED screens could hardly be called a novelty. But naming it as a traditional means of advertising would still be too early. Outdoor LED screens should better be treated as an alternative to the usual static outdoor advertising with certain strategically strong advantages.

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Casino’s LED screen in Las Vegas


LED Dream-city

Casinos, luxurious hotels and millions of lights! In the age of mass-communication and TV-travels everyone heard about Las Vegas and formed some opinion about the city. But few people ever think about it as a Mecca of video LED screens.

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Indoor SMD LED screen


The area of LED screen applications expands

The inhabitants of big cities are used to bright LED screens which usually broadcast live dynamic video clips and are installed in the most populous places. Today only this technology permits to obtain acceptable image quality under any light condition - even at the direct sunlight.

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Halftone video screen on gas-discharge display panels


Video screens in the USSR (historical perspective)

Nowadays when video screens can be seen in most large cities around the world, people interested in history of technical equipment might have many questions about appearance and development of display units.

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Outdoor video screen in episode from the feature film “Lost in translation”


Screen within screen

Cinema as a technology of dynamic imaging appeared in the beginning of 20th century. For a long time video was “locked” inside cinemas and TV sets. Then in the end of 20th century, video took a step into the city streets which rapidly began to fill up with video screens and informational displays.

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LED video screens in Grand Court at the Mall at Millenia


Mall at “Millenia”: LED signage creates fashion-mall media display

LED signage has been extremely visible in Times Square, Las Vegas and on various stadium scoreboards and roadside billboards throughout the United States. In a unique example of form vs. function, a new shopping mall has transformed a group of LED displays into a viewing circle of world culture.

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