LED Dream-city

Chief editor - Vladimir Krylov
Editor - Mikhail Demidenko

Las Vegas has long stopped being just a city. Even US-citizens admit that Las Vegas is “not the USA”. It’s something unusual, unique which resides in the middle of the country but definitely stands out. Casinos, luxurious hotels and millions of lights! In the age of mass-communication and TV-travels everyone heard about Las Vegas and formed some opinion about the city. But few people ever think about it as a Mecca of video LED screens.

In fact, Las Vegas is a relatively small city. But the density of screens is truly amazing! Walking around the city, one immediately realizes that the city is innovative in many areas, especially high-tech and architecture. Naturally, ever-present casinos attract tourists and gamblers from around the world. With the local population of less than two million, the city serviced 38 million tourists in 2005. To many, a visit to Las Vegas is a life-long dream.

Casino’s video screen Stele with video LED screens
Casino’s video screen Stele with video LED screens

In less than two hours, you can count more than 100 LED video screens. It’s also easy to see the evolution of screen technology: from primitive monochrome text boards, to lamp screens, to ultra-modern video LED screens of various shapes. It’s useless to describe every screen in the city. One has to see it, to believe it. However, two examples of video LED screen application can be good to talk about here.

Casino’s LED screen in Las Vegas Casino’s LED video cube in Las Vegas
Casino’s LED screens in Las Vegas

The most modern hotel Wynn was officially open to the public in April 2005 on a fashionable Strip. The hotel offers a long list of services which are definitely attractive for anyone seeking all kinds of entertainment. For us though an video LED screen erected near the hotel was the highlight. The screen is unusual, to say the least. It is curved and has a moving sliding bar with hotel logo moving up and down the video LED screen surface. The picture is adjusted accordingly which tells a lot about creative efforts and skills that went into the project.

Fashion Show Mall opposite Wynn Hotel on Las Vegas Blvd is another unique architectural piece of art. At entrance designers placed a long curved video LED screen that consists of four individual screens. This allows creating unusual effects, experimenting with complex video images. No wonder that people stand transfixed looking at this wide LED screen. Definitely, Las Vegas sets up new standards in video LED screen design.

Curved video LED screen by Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas Four LED screens of Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas
Curved video LED screen by Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas Four LED screens of Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas

Las Vegas also has the largest LED video screen in the world on Freemont Street consisting of thousands of pixels on the curved roof of this pedestrian area.

The majority of other LED video screens forms a part of building facades or positioned on separate advertising structures along roads. These mostly work as attractive video signs announcing coming shows in the nearby casino or hotel. Thus, millions of lights in Las Vegas not only brighten up the streets of the city that never sleeps but serve as a real-time advertising bulletin board that lure guests to numerous pleasure spots. Previously, Las Vegas casinos were competing trying to create the biggest or brightest neon sign. Today, the competition moved to high tech area of video LED screens, on-line video presentations.

Casino’s video LED screen in Las Vegas Casino’s video LED screen in Las Vegas
Casino’s video LED screens in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has the largest number of non-standard video LED screens. Curved LED screens are still a novelty around the world, but not here. Amid the ocean of video LED screens the exotic and expensive moving text signs look as something outdated and insignificant. Current time, announcements and news of the stock market – this information is a must for modern city dwellers. And Las Vegas offers this information at every corner.

Las Vegas and video LED screens are inseparable. Screens have become an important part of the city landscape. Video LED screens help the city to look modern (even futuristic) and stylish. Las Vegas fully utilizes every opportunity to attract more people, and LED video screens help to make a choice, follow the Fortune. Las Vegas is a unique example of how modern architecture and modern technology can complement each other!