Table of Content: LED Screens and Digital Signage Magazine in 2012

LCD digital signage in Barcelona metro


Digital Outdoor in 2012: Stealthy Advance!

The economic crisis that started modestly in 2009 refuses to end. The good news is that negative trends in economic indices of the developed countries did not affect the advertising market significantly. Practically all countries report moderate growth in advertising budgets.

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Large format full-motion LCD display


Digital Advertising Carriers: LCD Television or LCD Monitor?

This article attempts to convince you why the choice should be made exclusively in favour of commercial LCD monitors, especially in situation when the required application is indoor or semi-indoor advertising network.

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The advertising LED billboard that belongs to JCDecaux


Media Power of the Digital Outdoor

Today we may observe the conflicting tendencies in outdoor digital advertising: its continuous growth, on the one hand, and segmentation of existing networks, the absence of unified standards and approaches within the industry – on the other.

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Outdoor advertising LED screen is waiting...


Security of Advertising

Digital electronic advertising is diverse. Sharp reduction of price on all screens, LED and LCD alike, and cheap control systems that allow to easily merge various screen platforms made the entry threshold into a digital advertising business extremely low.

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Advertising LED screen in Munich airport


Digital Advertising – Do We Need It?

With proliferation of digital screens they have become attractive for large corporations both as a brand recognition method and as a way to organize advertising campaigns. Today a digital advertising campaign may be carried out in the streets and inside public buildings.

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LED billboard operated by JCDecaux


Digital Billboards: Traffic Hazard and Architectural Landscape

LED billboards merge into networks, and digital advertising is on the rise. However digital billboards keep getting accused of being a road traffic hazard and ugly add-ons to architectural city landscape. Let us try to consider different opinions.

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Fan zone LED screen - Euro 2012 in Wroclaw


Virtual Stadiums

Due to an fast improvement in LED screen technology a new concept appeared in 2002: fan zone – an area for large groups of fans to come together to watch their favourite teams playing. By 2012 and the current Euro Cup the number of fan zones significantly multiplied.

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High-resolution LED screen in Coliseum arena in Los Angeles


LED Screens in Sports

Sport events without LED screens would not be as spectacular and dynamic. First LED screens in sports arenas were so horrifically expensive that only few major teams could afford the luxury. However the impact of screens on spectators was so strong that the trend thrived.

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Modern outdoor 12 mm pitch LED screen in London


Evolution of Pixels: From Lamps to SMD LEDs

During 20 years of their history, outdoor screens changed significantly: from simple lamp screens to LED clusters and to SMD LED screens. We decided to devote this article to the evolution of the key element in a digital screen, to the pixel.

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LED screen at the rally supporting Vladimir Putin


LED Screens “Elect” Our Presidents

About 10 years ago TV remained the largest ideological resource during presidential elections: today LED technology helped to shift the balance of political advertising. Of course, we can find a lot of skeptics who argue that a TV ad is as effective as any similar ad on an outdoor LED screen.

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Digital signage onboard the “Oasis of the Seas”


Digital Signage Takes a Cruise on “Oasis of the Seas”

Nearly 200 digital signage are installed on one of the largest cruise liner serve as round-the-clock concierges and help passengers to find their way around liner. Digital signage help to locate a cabin, learn about entertainment events, order food in a restaurant.

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LED screen in London operated by the advertising company Ocean Outdoor


Modern LED Video Screens: Characteristics, Technologies, Reasons to Choose – Part 2

The second part of the article considers such critical technical parameters of modern LED screens as dynamic color range, color rendering, image contrast, IC drivers and control system, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) from LED screens.

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