Table of Content: LED Screens and Digital Signage Magazine in 1999

Outdoor advertising lamp screen in the heart of Moscow


News of outdoor video systems from Moscow and Riga

In early December 1999, two new outdoor screens were put into operation with dimensions of 6.4x8.53 m. One of the lamp screens was installed in the heart of Moscow and another was placed in Riga on the square near the central railway terminal.

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ABC TV Studio media façade in New York with lamp and LED screens


Two famous outdoor screens in New York

Our special correspondent has just returned from the US. His article will be published next year. Meanwhile, we will share with our readers photos of the most impressive and famous outdoor screens and lamp displays in New York.

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Outdoor LED screen in Brisbane (Australia)


Large outdoor advertising screens in Tokyo (Japan), Brisbane and Sydney (Australia)

Large outdoor advertizing screens in Tokyo (Japan), Brisbane and Sydney (Australia). Perspective trends and new solutions in outdoor advertising and systems of “Digital Outdoor Video and TV”.

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Outdoor advertising display in Moscow


Rating of communicative efficiency of outdoor advertising at the video display

The main advantages of the outdoor display mentioned by the respondents are beauty and brightness of the video display, the ability to attract their attention, granting useful information.

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Giant plasma screen at “Petrovsky” stadium


Large electronic screens and displays in St-Petersburg

Our experts visited the St-Petersburg city. The purpose of the visit was to elucidate characteristics and technologies of large screens and displays installed in this city. The most noticeable screens of the city were selected as the objects of interest.

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Huge electronic LED screen in outdoor advertising


What for, who and how use outdoor screens in the world and in Russia?

We have decided to start with such a section in which we attempted to generalize and systematize the most popular types and purposes of the usage of electronic video screens.

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Large electronic video screen at USA stadium


Electronic video screens and displays in sport

The first stadiums equipped with large electronic video screens were ones in America and it was connected with intense fight between stadiums and TV for the spectators and fans, advertisers and sponsors.

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Giant outdoor advertising screen in Moscow


Electronic screens in the world

Live sound and video on the large electronic screen at Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow. New outdoor lamp screen in St-Petersburg. Extraordinary usage of projection screen for outdoor advertising in Germany. American research work studies the influence of light outdoor advertizing.

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Four LED screen video cube in indoor arena


Examples of electronic video screens application

Now let’s talk about sports electronic video screens. We post some more pictures of the equipment of University stadiums in America (5-10 thousand spectators) and other sports arenas.

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Digital outdoor screen and Trivision advertising billboard


Digital outdoor advertising: How to choose screen?

It’s possible to use simultaneous of light volumetric advertising, electronic digital screen and various compositions of neon or electronic LED and lamp letters.

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