News of outdoor video systems from Moscow (Russia) and Riga (Latvia)

Chief editor - Vladimir Krylov

In early December 1999, two new outdoor lamp screens were put into operation with display dimensions of 6.4 m x 8.53 m. One of the lamp screens was installed in the heart of Moscow on “Intourist” Hotel and another was placed in Riga on the square near the central railway terminal.

Why did we decide to focus on the products of these Russian companies? First of all we want to stress a unique scientific and technical approach to outdoor Animation TV-Video Systems. The companies seem to be dedicated to creating systems that not only satisfy the existing technological requirements (we should emphasize that outdoor digital video screens is still a budding technological development) but allow the possibility of future upgrades as an important incentive for their customers.

New outdoor lamp screen in the heart of Moscow New outdoor lamp screen in Riga (Latvia)
New outdoor lamp screen in the heart of Moscow New outdoor lamp screen in Riga (Latvia)

Indeed, this is a revolutionary approach primarily limited to a handful of PC and digital technology companies. It justifies investments into expensive hardware and allows customers to upgrade their systems as technology advances.

Although the two displays are somewhat different from similar products of Sony and other heavy-weights, they outperform other more expensive models of their competitors in several critical technical parameters, including image quality, easy maintenance and repair and possibility of upgrades.