Electronic screens in the world

Chief editor - Vladimir Krylov

Live sound and video on the large electronic screen at Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow

The first concert and discotheque with direct broadcasting at a large outdoor electronic screen was held on March 8, 1999 in Moscow at Poklonnaya Hill. It was held in “Live Video” mode with “Live Sound” (the detailed description & pictures will be released a bit later).

News from Germany

We have got interesting information about extraordinary use of projection screen in city outdoor advertising. The most interesting is that the company used the simplest principle of displaying slides and developed this principle very successfully.

News from St-Petersburg

You can have a look at the site of a company that assigns information at 16 colors 10x5 meters lamp outdoor screen that was located at Vosstaniya square. The lamp screen is installed very correctly and the operating group is wonderful.

American research work studies the influence of light outdoor advertizing

Research work has been held by US Federal Highway Administration Report No. FHWA/RD- 80/051. It studies the influence of light outdoor advertizing, that make use of different special effects, on drivers. As the research showed (its results have been officially admitted in most states), the most significant indexes have large outdoor screens because the information provided does not distract driver’s attention but on the contrary, provide them with informational support (as the images are not simple uniform flashing, but dynamic animate and video).

Nobody doubts the fact that regular road signs and boards do not distract the driver’s attention, but help them to drive, and most drivers perceive the information provided on large outdoor screens the same way.