Full color LED video banners: LED perimeter displays

Chief editor - Vladimir Krylov
Editor - Gennady Milekhin

Lately, full color LED video screens found one more application. They are now used not only as screens and video signs but also as full color LED video banners (LED perimeter displays) in stadiums and sport facilities. The advantages of this type of advertising are numerous. Static or rotating banners placed along the field edge or hung at various levels along the viewer stands are practically useless since sport fans pay them little or no attention. LED video banners are different. This is a new generation in sport advertising.

Full color sport video LED banners Full color sport video LED banners
Full color sport video LED banners

LED perimeter displays LED perimeter displays
LED perimeter displays
Photo credit: Pro Display

Modular structure and flexible control system allows video banners to display dynamic video commercials in the formats of both static banners with 0.9–1.2 x 3–5 m size or video banners of varying length depending on the style of a commercial.

Imagine a line of video banners along the field edge (giant LED perimeter display) with an advertising of “Puma” brand. Animated image of “real” puma can run the length of the field with standard advertising information following in its wake. That’s an impressive pitch. Nobody can miss it, however interesting is the game. Since banner height is more or less standard and never exceeds 1.2-1.3 meters, there is a limitation on use of modules with wide pitch between LEDs.

To get a good image quality, vertical resolution of LED video banner must not be less than 32 (better still 48) pixels. This means that you need modules with pitch between 15 and 25 mm. Naturally, you can increase resolution by using pitch smaller than 15 mm, but this will make the project very expensive: with 100 meter length along the field edge.

Structurally LED video banners are made as 3-5 meter long sections. This makes it easy to assemble them on sport fields of different length. This also makes it easier to carry sections from place to place.

Advantages of LED perimeter banners:

  • dynamic, bright and effective advertising;
  • immediate control over displayed commercials;
  • varying length of banners with no limitation;
  • attractiveness and high brightness;
  • easy assembly and transportation;
  • simple editing for video materials.