New outdoor advertising LED screens in Moscow

Chief editor - Vladimir Krylov
Deputy chief editor - Michael Nikulichev

Moscow is also trying hard not to lag behind major cities of the world: Tokyo, New York, Shanghai, Hong-Kong and European capitals like Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam etc. The family of Moscow outdoor screens is growing fast.

Bright and cheerful outdoor advertizing LED screens are now installed in Pushkin and Kudrinskaya squares of Moscow. Two huge LED screens-twins have been commissioned on the New Arbat, the main street of Moscow. This is a new approach in using LED screens: twins are oriented towards traffic flows in both directions and thus ensure coverage of a huge audience in the center of a 12-million city. Proper installation of LED screens always ensures that advertisers are keen on filling the time with their commercials.

Muscovites are now quite used to electronic outdoor advertising. However, new LED screen installations are always an interesting topic. Especially when they utilize new technological solutions. In this case, the LED twin-screens are operated using the unusual imaging system. Dozens of screen manufacturers around the world are following the standard of unprotected LEDs that form the image surface.

Huge outdoor advertising LED screens-twins in Moscow Huge outdoor advertising LED screens-twins in Moscow
Huge outdoor advertising LED screens-twins in Moscow

The new system utilizes super bright narrow angle LEDs protected by a specially designed light filter. It is always interesting when a new technology is being born. In this case, the “labors” were successful. The LED screens are not ideal but it is obvious that after some upgrades the system will be fully operational and highly competitive. It is probably the most important innovation in the area of LED screen manufacturing for the last 5 years. Let us enumerate advantages and faults of the new system.

The new system somewhat narrows the field of view. The images on the LED screen remain bright and legible within 100 degrees. This is not bad considering that most LED screens around the world have view angles even smaller - only 70 degrees. However, new wide angle LEDs provide larger view angles of up to 120-140 degrees.

However, one must always remember that few people ever watch outdoor screens at such angles: the advertising affect is lost on all those who are staying in the area outside 50 degree sector from the screen. Large outdoor screens are made of such big proportions with the only purpose to imprint advertising images on viewers' minds. To do this you need time: which is equivalent to the approach time to the advertising screen, i.e. over 300-500 meters when a person approaches the screen. When the outdoor advertising screen is small the contact time is limited to 3-5 seconds which is fairly ineffective in outdoor conditions with plenty of distractions around.

If a person goes to a theatre or cinema, he prefers seats in the middle, not in the wings where the view is not so good. A definite advantage of the new LED screen system is brightness. In fact, the brightness of new outdoor screens is amazing, it can be varied, increased and decreased depending on conditions. The image is perfectly visible even when the sun shines directly at the screen. Very few manufacturers are capable to achieve such effect.

With brightness so high, another important factor is the effect of blinding the eyes. The new LED screen system is bright but not in an outrageous sort of way. It is not blinding people as flood lights in the dark. A specialized system of light filters makes it quite acceptable for the eyes. The LED lamps are protected by filters. This means that their life is longer. They are not exposed to the weather fluctuations and corrosive atmosphere of our cities. Specialists say that the new LED screen system is not ideal but it has opened a completely new trend, and will be definitely modified in the near future.