Video screens as big as buildings: Gigantic full-color LED screens

Chief editor - Vladimir Krylov
Deputy chief editor - Michael Nikoulichev

LED screens are developing vigorously, being a sphere of consumer services, which sensitively reacts to modern demands. In the present moment, LED screens are widely adopted on the railroads, in the banks, in the field of transportation, on the mass performances and in other spheres. LED screens will occupy more space in the world around us increasingly according to the growing demands of the market economy and the rise of their scientific and technical potential.

We've got used to see LED screens on the streets of the cities, at the stadiums, in the concert halls, at the railway stations and in the airports already. Scientific and design thought is not stagnant. Some new models appear every other day, the field of application of LED video screens increases.

Due to their own specific advantages, LED screens have appeared at the media market and have given an energetic impulse to its development. At present, LED screens have been installed in such cities of the People's Republic of China (PRC) as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and in other cities. Original method of information transmission and showiness of colorful advertisement have made it possible for them to differ from other means of advertising significantly and to obtain consensus. Many professionals regard with favor to this new advertising means.

LED screens have not existed in the limited size of standard urban advertising banners for long. The necessity to amaze, to astonish by scale and to attract the views of the potential audience forced designers to think about how to convert a multistory building into a unified gigantic LED screen completely.

Certainly, this first experiment was set in the USA, where an enormous LED screen covered the entire surface of a huge multistory building of NASDAQ stock exchange in New York. Of course, the cost of this project exceeds the limits of the financial possibilities of usual advertising companies.

The more economical experiments took place in France during the Nuit Blanche art festival. Then the windows of a huge multistory building lighted in the specific sequence and formed gigantic screen by themselves.

Now many technical innovations arrive from China. China has distinguished itself yet another time by creating a new version of a multistory building as a gigantic screen in Shanghai. This time not windows but a special “intellectual” illumination creates dynamic video image.

Gigantic LED screen in Shanghai Gigantic LED screen in Shanghai
Gigantic LED screen in Shanghai

Nevertheless, the Chinese specialists have not stopped at the point. The first high-rise gigantic LED screen with 360° field of vision is planned to be installed in Guangzhou city in South China. This screen will become the only one of the kind in China which is to have the unique LED screen with 360° field of vision, and the sense of its creation is extremely simple as it would occupy dominant position and remove limitations in the sphere of advertisement in the existing information field.

The television tower of Guangdong province is located in Guangzhou city on a height of 56 meter above sea level. The height of the tower itself is 200 meters. It has a form of equilateral octagon and symbolizes Guangzhou, and the city government.

A gigantic LED screen on the TV tower in Guangzhou A gigantic LED screen on the TV tower in Guangzhou
A gigantic LED screen on the TV tower in Guangzhou city in Guangdong province (P.R. of China.).
Its surface is nearly 2800 square meters.

This TV tower occupies the key position in the centre of the local transport arteries, all main streets of the city disperse in all directions from it. Human and transport flows in the region of the television tower are very busy. The planned financing of the installation of gigantic LED screen with 360° field of vision proposes that this screen will be enormous in size, the image will be multicolored, and it will be visible from a long distance. Since the survey of the screen is 360 degrees, it will be visible from all sides. This project will be the China's first project of a whole circumference (360°) LED screen.