Digital light strip: Introducing the state of the art in LED display module technology

Chief editor - Vladimir Krylov
Editor - Gennady Milekhin

Digital light strip is the state of the art in flexible LED light strip technology. This super flexible product can be used in many different applications, including Neon replacement in channel letter signs, exterior building boarder tubing, architectural and decorative lighting, surface illumination and many other indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

Each digital LED strip has a modular design, manufactured in lengths of one (1) foot, with male and female connectors on each side for easy extension. For each circuit up to 15 to 20 one-foot pieces may be connected, without loss of performance. Using a typical 12-volt, 15 amp, power supply, at least 10 such circuits may be powered.

Each LED strip is typically powered by 12 super bright digital light surface mount LEXX-S35T-P LED’s, in PLCC package. Available colors include red, orange, yellow, amber, blue, green, white as well as full color RGB, which can generate a rainbow of colors. Digital LED strips may be purchased as strips alone or as a complete system with power supply and cables.

LED strip LED strip
LED strips

Installation of digital light strip is as simple as peeling off the protective layer over the adhesive back surface of the strip and sticking it to the application area. No tools or other provisions are needed. LED strips’ super thin profile allows for superior heat transfer characteristics, especially when applied to metallic surfaces, such as channel letters and other similar applications. This important feature is the key to LED strips’ long life as well as its reliable and optimum performance.

LED letters LED letters
LED letters

LED strips in curtain screens LED strips in curtain screens
LED strips in curtain screens

LED strip’s advanced patent pending super flexible design, makes it a perfect choice as a modular and economical building block for many applications requiring flexibility, efficient heat transfer, light weight, slim design, reliable, energy efficient, super bright performance and cost savings. Some of its unique features include:

1. Super bright and uniform light pattern

Digital LED strip is truly the brightest light strip of its kind. Powered by the digital light’s high performance LEXX-S35T-P surface mount PLCC LED’s, the strips put out intense, uniform light, in all colors. With each SMD having a radiation pattern or viewing angle of 120 degree, in all directions, LED strips provide uniform and brilliant light output, avoiding any hot spots, even at distances as shallow as 2 inches.

2. Superior heat transfer capabilities, longer life and higher performance

LED light strip’s thin stick on design, allows for perfect heat transfer into the underlying application surface, especially where the underlying surface is metallic, such as channel letters or other similar applications. Proper hear dissipation is the key to long life and ability to obtain optimum performance from each and every LED on the strip.

3. 90% Energy savings

LED strips save up to 90% energy as compared to neon and most other types of light sources. Using the most efficient digital light LED technology, the energy savings and super brightness go hand in hand to deliver a vivid, consistent and economical light output. Designers in many applications are now taking advantage of these unique features to optimize the use of energy, without sacrificing performance.

4. 100,000 hours of life expectancy

Another advantage of digital light’s advance LED technology is long life expectancy of approximately 100,000 hours, for all colors except Phosphor coated white LED. As distinguished from the RGB white (using full color LED’s), which is also available from digital light, the Phosphor white LED has a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours, depending on operating and environmental conditions. This is due to the higher rate of Phosphor degradation, as compared to LED chip, therefore accelerating this type of white LED degradation. This is true of all Phosphor coated white LED’s.

5. Lightest weight strip available

LED strips are lightest weight light strips available today. With considerably less weight than all other light strips, digital light strips provide maximum flexibility in product design and in range of potential applications.

6. The thinnest profile

LED light strips have the thinnest design profile than any other light strip. In signage and channel letter applications, this means achieving light uniformity and consistency even in the thinnest of channel letter. This feature also makes product installation in applications where space savings is a critical requirement.

7. Water, dust and corrosion protection

With silicon quoted versions of the digital light strip, use in applications requiring water, dust and corrosion protection becomes a possible. This highly valuable feature allow LED lighting designers to install their application products in a variety of locations, with minimum impact from the environmental elements and without the need for frequent maintenance.

8. Easy to install & maintain

Digital light strip comes with adhesive back substrate for truly easy installation without the need for any tools. Simply remove the protective peel from the back of the LED strip and stick directly to the surface where needed. The modular design allows for extremely easy maintenance. Should any piece of LED strip malfunction, simply remove only that piece and stick a new piece in its place and connect the male/female connectors on each side. No need to even shut down the power or make any other provisions.

9. Multiple applications

The complete flexibility and modularity of the LED strip, makes it an ideal candidate for many applications, where traditionally rigid light strips would not serve the function. These applications include signage, channel letters, display illumination, architectural lighting, curved surfaces, tight angles, narrow spaces, thin profiles and many more.

10. Standardization of manufacturing

Standardized manufacturing process and mass production, allows LED strips the benefit from uniform reliability, optimum performance and longer life, cost efficiency and shorter delivery lead times.