The world of electronics and LED screens

Chief editor - Vladimir Krylov
Deputy chief editor - Michael Nikoulichev

Market for electronics and LED screens is developing rapidly. International exhibitions are the best place to demonstrate all the new inventions and gadgets which are created by the talented minds and realized into metal and plastic by skillful hands. This fall is an obvious confirmation of the fact. From Munich through Moscow and to Shanghai a line runs – a line which connects everyone involved in electronics and LED screens.

Exhibition “Electronica 2004”

Exhibition “Electronica 2004” took place on November 9-12 in New Munich Trade Fair Center. It became the largest exhibition, which demonstrated achievements in the sphere. Companies of 48 countries presented their achievements on 3017 stands. In comparison with “Electronica 2002” more than 70 new companies participated. High activity and aggressive marketing position of companies from southern Asia could be seen clearly in the fair halls.

  • Exhibitor target group:
    Companies which manufacture products and services applicable to the development, quality control, maintenance and repair of electronic assemblies, equipment and machinery.
  • Visitor target groups:
    Designers and developers of applications-oriented electronic circuitry and products.
  • Sectors:
    Electrical engineering, electronics, trade (distributors), telecommunications, engineering, service-providers, software technology, data processing.
  • Product range:
    Microchip products, boards/subsystems (different types) discrete semiconductor components, miscellaneous discrete components system equipment, electro-mechanical components, system peripherals, ED/EDA equipment, measuring and testing.

Visitors of the fair were especially captivated by SLEDs and Dome LEDs. SLEDs from Exalos distributed by AMS. Super luminescent Light Emitting Diodes (SLEDs) are light-emitting diodes utilizing amplification by stimulated emission, but having insufficient feedback for oscillations to build up and to achieve lasing action. They are much more powerful than standard LEDs and are particularly advantageous for applications requiring high power density. The new products EXS8010-8411 and EXS8310-8411 are part of EXALOS’s family of broadband SLEDs for fiber optic telecommunications, instrumentation, optical coherence tomography, structural sensors, and fiber optic gyroscope applications.

The EXS8010-8411 and EXS8310-8411 offer high output power and large bandwidth in a very cost efficient housing. Typical values are 2 mW optical output power in a single mode fiber and up to 10 mW output power for non pigtailed devices. The new components operate in the 820 nm window, with centre wavelength within the 800 & 830 nm spectral range. Typical FWHM bandwidth is 30 nm. The output has a spectral ripple of less than 0.05 dB. The product is delivered in a TO-56 housing with different fiber pigtails, including multimode and polarization maintaining fiber.

The devices are based on Exalos proprietary patent design. Devices are in production and Bellcore GR-468-CORE qualification results will be ready soon. Now, the products are available from AMS Technologies AG europeanwide.

Dome LEDs provide highest output in machine vision history. A new range of Dome LED Monster Lights, provide the highest output inspection lights in machine vision history, says exclusive European supplier Special Application Products (SAP).

The Monster Dome LED lights, manufactured by Spectrum Illumination, use ultra-high flux LEDs which emit light towards the dome that is reflected back on to the subject to provide a very uniform and even light without shadows for both constant or strobe effect lighting. Previously, LEDs have not been powerful enough to reflect back from such a large dome, says the company.

Four dome sizes are available: 7.25 inches, 12.25 inches, 18.25 inches and 29.25 inches. The latter is said to be the largest dome light available in the machine vision industry. It provides improved measuring accuracy and is seen as ideal for inspection for scratches or defects on highly reflective areas such as engine blocks.

The new lights are available in white, green, blue, cyan, red, red-orange and amber, have an operating life of 100 000 hours and are powered from 24VDC. They are supplied complete with a DIN rail mount, LDM driver and 12ft of cable.

12th International Advertisement Exhibition

Among a great number of important exhibitions, which demonstrated novelties of electronics industry, there is one non specialized fair of advertising technologies. It is the 12th International Advertisement Exhibition which took place in Moscow on November 1st – 5th. Advertising budgets have grown seriously in Russia recently. As a result a lot of companies began to invest more money into the newest methods of advertisement and into outdoor electronic advertisement especially.

That is why it is quite natural that the novelties of electronics and interesting developments appeared at the Moscow exhibition in Moscow. For example, everybody paid attention to the revolving internal LED screen produced by Taiwan firm Dynascan (www.dynascan.com.tw). This model is not a new one (we wrote about it in our periodical in the middle of 2002). Nevertheless it remains a beautiful toy for the well-off gentlemen.

Gelvetika-T Co. presented stroboscopic lamps with a very high period of service – up to 100000 hours. A so called “foggy screen” of Visual Technologies Co. looked very unusual and very attractive.

Very interesting novelties were presented by “ATV Outdoor Systems”. This company is working on the outdoor LED screens market for more than ten years already and has become a Russian guru in dynamic video advertisement. Apart from actual manufacturing, the company is involved into a lot of consultancy projects on construction of outdoor video screens.

This time “ATV Outdoor Systems” presented a fundamentally new development. A new LED module allows to design hyper thin video signboards and LED screens of any configuration, which is so important under the urban conditions. A circular video signboard which is a completely new solution in positioning modules, looks very effectively. The visitors focused their attention to “intelligent” LED clusters used for illumination of multistory buildings and large letter signboards.

“ATV Outdoor Systems” booth Full color LED cluster
“ATV Outdoor Systems” booth Full color LED cluster

Circular full color LED video signboard Circular full color LED video signboard
Circular full color LED video signboard

Only a year ago this exhibition filled one pavilion of International Exhibition Complex in Moscow with difficulty, but this time it went into three pavilions hardly. It shows that electronic and advertising market of Moscow grows very rapidly.

China Electronic Fair

On November 15-18 in Shanghai China Electronic Fair took place. 2200 companies showed their achievements on 50 thousand square meters of Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) LG company booth
Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) LG company booth

Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) was built as a joint venture of the trade fair companies from Dusseldorf, Hanover and Munich together with the Shanghai Pudong Land Development Corporation. As one of the most advanced exhibition venues in China, SNIEC has been an unprecedented success since it opened in 2001.

Multifunctional video phone and the largest TV were demonstrated at Shanghai China Electronic Fair. This video phone not only has the general video telephone function, but also allows to receive and send email and to listen MP3! “Samsung” company demonstrated world greatest size PDP television 80” - more than 2 meters!

Multifunctional video phone World greatest size PDP television
Multifunctional video phone World greatest size PDP television