New huge outdoor advertizing screen in Moscow

Chief editor - Vladimir Krylov
Deputy chief editor - Michael Nikulichev

The new century and the new millennium are indeed the era of new technologies and new achievements! A new full color lamp huge (10x12 meter) outdoor advertizing screen was commissioned in Moscow on one of the busiest avenues (Leningradsky prospect, near the Airport metro station). This is one of the brightest outdoor screens in the city.

The first few days it was shining so brightly that the engineers had to reduce brightness not to dazzle passers-by and people living in nearby apartment blocks. Today the screen operates in the optimal saving mode displaying adequately bright saturated advertising commercials.

In day time under direct sunlight the image remains similarly bright and clear (the extra bright mode), while in the evening the brightness automatically falls not to annoy the drivers and pedestrians. The whole square is lit with the screen light. The effect is extremely eye-pleasing and festive. The advertizing screen is operating during direct sunlight hours.

On February 23, our reporters witnessed a live TV and video broadcast on the huge outdoor screen. The engineers of “ATVS Alexart” explained that this was a test for the coming city celebrations when the screen would be used as a huge TV screen to show parades and concerts. In spite of a bitingly cold weather our reporters stayed at the site for a long time to better evaluate technical capabilities of a new system.

New huge outdoor advertizing screen in Moscow New huge outdoor advertizing screen in Moscow
New huge outdoor advertizing screen in Moscow

We were told that the company was ready to introduce several technological novelties that would further improve the image quality and help simplify the outdoor screen maintenance. Most importantly, a new system and schedule monitoring software has been developed and is being tested.

The installation in Moscow has once again confirmed our conclusions that large screens for outdoor advertizing are a new and dominating tendency for large cities where large screens could be seen from afar. Smaller advertizing screens (even with the excellent image quality) are dwarfed by the surrounding buildings, huge squares and long streets. In these conditions only large or huge advertizing screens command the view and attract attention of passing crowds.