Giant outdoor electronic sign beyond the Polar Circle

Chief editor - Vladimir Krylov

The far away Russian town of Norilsk is known for its extreme low temperatures, impenetrable smogs and world second largest nickel producing facilities. The New Year celebrations in Norilsk this year were marked by a most unusual sight. The tall building on central square was crowned with a long giant outdoor electronic sign so bright that it pierced the smog and dense darkness of the long Polar night.

For the first time after two “cool” months of –55°C (–67°F) the weather settled for a relatively warm –30°C (–22°F). Needless to say that the city population was in good mood. The city was ready for the New Year celebrations, full of decorations and with streets illuminated around the clock. The whole town was eagerly expecting the commissioning of the first and giant outdoor electronic sign beyond the Polar Circle. And several days before the new year night it illuminated the town. This was the long banner screen the first such giant electronic sign in Russia

Today this is the first electronic sign in the world that operates beyond the Polar Circle in unique weather conditions. Such extreme cold combined with piercing high winds can only be expected in the Antarctic or at the North Pole.

Giant outdoor electronic sign Electronic sign beyond Polar Circle
Giant outdoor electronic sign beyond Polar Circle

Apart from that, the presence of the one of the world largest mining, copper and nickel-producing company creates a fairly negative environment for the electronic equipment, such as outdoor signs.

Today we can report that the sign electronics has worked through the three coldest months without a single failure. Obviously, a new technology has come up– tested under the extreme conditions – technology that can withstand severe colds, arctic winds, snow storms and ultimately admissible corrosive environment.

Thus, a new world record in outdoor electronic sign’s operation and commissioning has been set up!