Football “live” on large outdoor lamp screen in Moscow

Chief editor - Vladimir Krylov

Now our group with a number of television channels, company’s owners of large video screens and with a number of other companies develops the project that continues the sports program “Time”. It comes out since February, 1998 on the outdoor lamp video screen at Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow. The main purpose is to support Russian sports clubs, Russian fans and Russian stadiums. We believe that people who live in Russia have a right to watch good games of favorite sports clubs, have a right to enjoy them and to be proud of our sports and of Russia - not only by themselves in their flats, but also together with friends, girlfriends and children near large outdoor screens.

Football on large outdoor lamp screen in Moscow Football on large outdoor lamp screen in Moscow
Football on large outdoor lamp screen in Moscow

The basic idea is to announce sports events, to support stadiums on which those games are held, to broadcast matches directly on several large electronic video screens in several cities simultaneously, to display the best moments of a game several days after a match in case of the victory of our Russian clubs. The general title of the program will be “The Victories of Russia”, which is very important now, especially these difficult days. Another purpose is to expand a network of cities where the matches will be broadcasted. It will attract a greater number of fans. New large electronic screens will be installed and old ones will be modernized.

We hope that we will manage to solve organizational and technical problems in the nearest future. We can observe a great break in technologies and modernization now. It is nice to note that the most modern, interesting and progressive decisions were obtained by Russian engineers, scientists and programmers, in spite of the fact that the initial technologies were basically Western. Now the problem of modernization of 16-color large electronic screens is being solved. The screens that were modern a couple of years before are technologically out-of-date now. The outdoor electronic screens that are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Barnaoul are being transformed into full color video screens.

The work on the connection of several new technologies like “Internet”, “Internet Video”, “Internet TV” with “Outdoor Video”, “Outdoor TV” and broadcasting or cable TV is being held. In one word, everything is in constant progress. We also hope that we will soon show you the immediate achievements in this field.