“Outdoor Video” and “Outdoor TV”

Chief editor - Vladimir Krylov

Giant outdoor advertizing LED screen in Moscow

The development of informational and advertising outdoor screens in the streets of cities has given an opportunity to start the rise of completely new directions of mass media – “Outdoor Video”, “Outdoor TV” and “TV Street”. There exist real opportunities that allow you to become the owner of 1 outdoor screen or the allocated screen network that will be placed in the most brisk places of your region, city or district and the whole distributed network of outdoor screens will be controlled with the Internet.

In any case, the use of “Outdoor Video” and “Outdoor TV” opens completely new opportunities for realization of large political, social, information and advertising actions. Anyone who decides to develop and use such a outdoor screen network, has a chance to become the pioneer in this field, since today there is no suchlike network not only in Russia, but also in the world. Moreover, such a network can be not only centralized but also individualized, i.e. you can use video materials prepared for another screen, can organize simultaneous compilation on all the screens of network belonging to you.

Finally, the productive management of one outdoor screen or screen network should give their owner doubtless political or commercial dividends regardless of the objectives he pursues.

The modernity of such a project is obvious:

  1. The significance of the project of “Outdoor Video” is close to the projects of organization of radio and TV. It is an essential addition to both radio and TV, as the result of its realization is a completely new trend in mass media – “Outdoor Video”.
  2. In comparison with radio and TV the given project is much cheaper (for example, than organization of cable TV only in one city) and easier in realization.
  3. Large electronic screens reproducing video and TV information can provide effective realization of political, social, cultural and commercial programs and also pre election actions, the federal, regional and city campaigns.
  4. The need of both Russian and foreign advertisers in the outdoor advertising in to Moscow, St. Petersburg and in regional centers finds out a steady tendency of growth. The market of outdoor advertising installations is practically filled. Street installation of outdoor electronic screens with high quality of dynamic information and advertising present is a free niche.
  5. There is no more than 1-3 central places in the majority of cities (the central square, the railway station, the cultural center) most favorable from political, informational and advertising points of view. Therefore the question of superiority of the outdoor screen equipment placing in each concrete city on each concrete place becomes very important.
  6. Outdoor electronic screens of such type can decorate any city. They are the pride of both city authorities and of all townspeople. They are also very informative and represent a unique and irreplaceable importance during holidays, concerts and different city affairs.
  7. As a new mass media, it does not compete to radio and TV, supplements to them and forms new and effective information environment.

The given project requires much smaller money investments in comparison with expenses on other mass media. Installation, start, adaptation and support of one suchlike outdoor screen will cost 190-800 thousand dollars depending on the sizes of electronic screen.

The more detailed information on the equipment, tendencies and development of this new direction you can always learn on this site or by contacting us.